Little Artshram (A sister organization of the non-profit 501c3 Greater Lansing ARTSPACE) is the original creator of a hands-on, place-based permaculture learning opportunities and programs for children, youth and their families. Since 1993 we have developed classes, projects and opportunities throughout Michigan in visual, musical and puppet artistry; service to the natural world; and inclusive social activism, serving and forming friendships with hundreds of children and their families.
For the past three years our small staff and board of directors have been creating a platform and development of a project called: Permaculture Education for Children, Youth and Families.
Permaculture Education for Children, Youth and Families (PECYF) is a project created and supported by Little Artshram creating a platform for global networking with permaculture educators and learners, offering community discussion, designing learning opportunities (curriculum) with collaborative partners specifically in Michigan and the Midwest United States. The objective of this project is to design and develop the container/framework, process and content of a series of workshops, programs and trainings using Sociocracy and Permaculture pedagogy as both a model for further K-12 education and development. We believe this project is developing the means to incubate nourishing, alternative learning opportunities for children, youth and their families at a critical time of need.With a long rich history of programming for children and youth in many Michigan communities for over 20 years, we are targeting the Summer of 2020 to bring permaculture design into a greater social-system and anti-oppression networking capacity, through facilitated workshops and introductions of mentor and leadership training. 

We hope you will consider contributing to our longtime and longer term efforts of whole system thinking through art and permaculture learning opportunities.

For further information or to talk with a human about the project, work or dreams made real please contact us!
Good Works: Permaculture Education for Children, Youth and