Hello to the wonderful friends of Little Artshram

and the O’k Puppet Theater and the Pretty Good Players!

Mr. Rokko Jans and myself are PLEASED to share details about our soon to be fantastic puppet and mask theater production and performance for the 2015 TCFF KidsFest!

It’s our fifth year sharing a puppet performance and this year, we are featuring an original script about Susanna Shakespeare (daughter of William) and her garden, and a particular patch of milkweed—a homeplace and snacking spot for Willy Wordworm.

Learn the how-to’s of the ancient art of puppetry and mask making, be a part of creating an original, story-telling play and script, compose original music and songs guided by talented artists and musicians….Registration open! M-F, 10 am -3 pm, July 20th through July 31st

O’k Puppet Theater and the Pretty Good Players, have been sharing puppet and mask performances since 2010, and will be holding a fantastic and special 2-weeks of PUPPET CAMP to prepare for a performance in Traverse City, including building puppets, set design, story-boarding, puppet and mask performance/acting lessons….This is an amazing, local “organic” puppet theater, which includes a week of production and design, with our continued collaboration with professional artists and musicians.

The 2015 PUPPET CAMP is brought to you by Little Artshram and O’k Puppet Theater and the Pretty Good Players, with composer and musician Rokko Jans, and Traverse City’s home-town puppeteer and mask-maker, Penny Krebiehl, and we are expecting a few very special guests artists and musicians!

Contact us ASAP, via email and we will send you the PUPPET CAMP registration form and medical/insurance release forms we need you to fill out and bring with.

We will also send you the script before camp begins for downloading and printing out at home.

PUPPET CAMP will happen at the Desmond & Hearne residence/aka The Sunshine Farm at 501 Seventh St. in Traverse City, Monday thru Friday from 10 am-3 pm. With at least one or two visits to an outdoor “theater” space in the Munson Woods (near Spanglish). Each day the camp will begin at 501 Seventh St.

Set design, puppet production and music rehearsals are: Monday, July 20th-through Thursday, July 30th, meeting each day from 10-3 pm (Skipping Weekends)

Performance rehearsals for the Pretty Good Players crew, (which includes all Musicians and Singers, who are asked to join us Mon-Thurs. in the afternoon from 1-3 pm) are scheduled for Monday, July 27th through the 30th. Our puppet show dress-rehearsal will happen on Thursday, July 30th.

Here’s the day to day of PUPPET CAMP for the two weeks:

WEEK 1- July 20th-25th,

Monday: read through script/storyboard, begin set design/puppet production, practice lines/songs/music

Tuesday: tweak/finalize storyboard, continue set design/puppet production, practice lines/songs/music

Wednesday: continue set design/puppet production, practice lines/songs/music

Thursday: COMPLETE/Fine-tune and finish set design and puppets

Friday: Rehearse puppets w. set, practice songs, read thru script

WEEK 2- July 28th-31st

Monday; read through script,

Tuesday; read through, designate roles, meet puppets

Wednesday; read through w/ puppets

Thursday: puppet dress rehearsal

Friday: Fantastic musical puppet show @ TCFF Kidsfest! Cast Party immediately afterwards!

Our puppet performance is on Friday, July 31st @ 11:15 am, at the Kids Fest site at Central Grade School, on 7th Street in Traverse City.

We are SUPER excited about this year’s gig, and already want to THANK our friends who continue to support us at TCFF, Spanglish! and many others….

Fee: Sliding scale between $100-150 per week, with sibling discounts and for friends/families in need…..We would do this for FREE, but can’t do that this year….just trying to pay our puppeteer/musician house rentals and traveling fees and appreciate your consideration of our meeting our needs.

See you soon, soon, soon!

`penny Krebiehl and Rokko Jans

Directress/Director of O’k Puppet Theater



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