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How can permaculture design help urban, suburban, and small-town dwellers meet our needs in sustainable, resilient ways? Toby Hemenway’s book The Permaculture City is one of the course books that expands beyond the “garden-gate” to offer solutions for energy, community, place-making, livelihood, decision-making, and many of the other challenges of living in cities and towns. Toby Hemeway offers innovative examples of urban permaculture from all around North America, and his book, focusing on an urban environment offers inspiration and hope for moving toward a regenerative culture.

This is the first year the course, organized by Little Artshram and Northern Michigan Permaculture is to be housed at the Greenspire School and the GT Food Innovation Hub at Cherry Capital, in Traverse City, Michigan–each hosting three weekends.  We’ve been able to offer the course to representative students from each of our host location sites and Little Artshram  has also  been very, very supportive of making the course available to students through payment plans and work-trade.

In addition, Little Artshram would like to build a scholarship fund for students to be able to take the course. If you can make a (tax-deductible) contribution to that fund (however small),  and it would be used well. You can use our donation link through Paypal here or send a check to Little Artshram/Northern Michigan Permaculture. Either way, please note “PDC scholarship” with your contribution.

There are still a few seats in our upcoming city-based design course in Northern Michigan, and we hope to include all who are interested. Register by March 1st, at a reduced fee of $950 for the Traverse City Permaculture Design Course.

SPECIAL OFFER: Former PDC students, may take the course for one-half price!

To ask additional questions or set up a payment plan for the course fee, contact the course registrar: On-line registration here:

And here in a youtube video is one of the best in depth explanations of permaculture we have heard. It addresses the many challenges and tools for decision making we face today. Toby Hemenway new book “The Permaculture City” covers these, and is one of our main course books for this 6 month PDC.

On-line registration or to download a pdf:


Traverse City Permaculture Design Course, begins March


THIS YEAR, Little Artshram is taking a year off from organizing and hosting the Grand Traverse Earth Day Parade, but the BIG puppets and many of our well loved Earth Day parading characters have formed their own “traveling troupe” in order to continue to make their mark in our annual welcoming of spring and celebration of our planet home.

We encourage you to support a couple of wonderful events that some of our friends are hosting and that the BIG puppets will be representing Little Artshram and maintaining a strand of our beloved Eday Parade,  Here’s one of them:

NMC Student Life Organization is sponsoring an event on Saturday, April 18th from 1-7 pm, at Northwestern Michigan College, 1701 East Front St, Traverse City, Michigan 49684

The Sweet Earth Arts and Music Festival is a full afternoon and early evening of celebration–music, art and interactive workshops— and is a means of communicating how to get involved with a multitude of environmental issues, both locally and globally.

The event features many regionally based musicians: Tatiana Crespo (Traverse City, MI), Aaron Otto (Harbor Springs, MI), Ruby John (Northport, MI), the Sturgeon Bay Singers (Harbor Springs, MI), Dede and the Dreamers (Ann Arbor, MI), The Way Down Wanderers(Chicago, IL), and Samantha Lynne Crawford wsg/ Medicinal Groove (Traverse City, MI).

Workshops will include: The Wonder of Raptors (presented by Wings of Wonder), Nature Writing Workshop (presented by Stephanie Mills), and Connecting Community through Civil Engagement (presented by Gary Howe).

In case not everyone is busy dancing or participating in one of our workshops, we will have hands-on activities for all ages including a science corner for kids, seed-ball making, a compost worm petting zoo, an arts and crafts table using recyclable materials, and more! Also new to this year, we will have our first ever Sweet Earth Artist Market featuring some of the many talented artisans in Northern MI.

We love the tradition and shared vision of the beautiful community work so many TC and Grand Traverse region friends and businesses have contributed to our production work of the Eday Parade, and that the NMC Student Organization is embracing with this daylong festival: “Sweet Earth is a celebration filled with creative expression that plants the seed of environmental consciousness and provides the resources to help it grow.”

ALSO it is a free festival begins at 1 p.m. and ends at 7:30 p.m. in NMC’s Health and Science Building.

For more information, email the “bee” that Litttle Artshram directress, Penny Krebiehl

is outfitting above:  Mara Penfila


A travelin’ troupe of BIG Eday Parade puppets: April 18th Sweet Earth Arts and Music

Little Artshram and Baker’s Green Acres farm will host a free introductory lecture and potluck on Sunday, December 7th, from 5:30-8:30 pm with Dan Kitteridge of the Bio-nutrient Food Association (  We are pleased to bring this free lecture about bionutrient food production, with an opportunity to consider and prepare for a two-day class/training later in February.

The introductory lecture and potluck will take place at Baker’s Green Acres in Marion, Michigan (directions below) and will allow those gathered to meet Dan Kitteridge, the founder of the Bionutrient Food Association, to ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of growing more nutrient rich foods and the ways in which we can return to growing nutrient dense food in our gardens and farms. Please RSVP the FREE Introductory lecture and potluck by contacting us at the addresses below.

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Following the introductory lecture in December, the 2-day workshop is scheduled for Feb. 21st and 22nd, also being held at Baker’s Green Acres.

In preparation of the 2-day workshop, please take a soil sample of your growing and farming spaces. The workshop is a intensive  training that will focus on principals of biological farming, identifying deficiencies, vital health in the field and care-taking crops thruthe season. Registrants will be expected to procure their own soil tests as desired, and instruction for interpreting those will be covered during the workshop. You can check out a link about soil testing here:

For directions to the December potluck/lecture and February workshops:



To REGISTER for the 2-day workshop, Feb. 21-22:

Sign-up online here:


For additional information:


BFA 101414 Two Page Flyer 1 of 2


For directions to the December potluck/lecture and February workshops:



To REGISTER for the 2-day workshop, Feb. 21-22:

Sign-up online here:


For additional information:



Bio-nutrient Food, Introductory Lecture and Potluck and 2-day

THANK YOU TO OUR 2014 Earth Day Parade Artists, Musicians, Planning and Organizational Partners, Sponsors, and all who showed up on parade day to celebrate our beautiful home-place on Planet Earth!


The Grand Traverse Circuit

Great Lakes Children’s Museum

TC Sings

The Leelanau School

Deep Blue Water Samba

Dirt Fest

Grand Traverse Mycology Society

and, ZPnet Design

and, Petra Productions

MANY THANKS TO: Joe and Carol Spaulding, Stephanie Mills, Nick and Dea Talantis, Rokko Jans, Jack and Susan Seaman, Lauri and Tom Meade, Leigh Fairey….

AND BIG Appreciation and much Love to our 2014 Eday Organizing/Planning/Volunteer Crew:

Heather Kingham

Matthew Seibel

Linda Collins

Chelsea Taylor

Anne Drake

Carol Laughing Waters

Kaz McCue & Leelanau School Kids

Lauri Mannion

The Bolde Family

Kerry Alspaugh

Sharon Markham

Petra Daher

Dwight Washington

Flo & Marika & Steve

BJ Christiansen

Bernie & Jalene

and, Penny Krebiehl


Another Round of Gratitude for the 25th Annual Earth Day Parade!


Volunteering is a great way to be part of the GT Earth Day Parade community and to meet like-spirited people. Volunteers make it possible for Little Artshram and our friends and collaborators to offer community based art events like the Earth Day Parade, while acquiring hands-on puppet & mask building skills. More than 43 individuals volunteered nearly 1350 hours to Little Artshram during last years parade-building and community event.Our workshops begin NOW–this first week of April and continue through the 25th. Parade day is April 26th.

Here is a list of volunteer needs/jobs, and we will keep it updated weekly:

1.   Coordinator and Musicians for Community Picnic & Local Music Concert in Hannah Park

This opportunity is available for a well organized person along w. a collaborative group of folks who will join in and take on the final tasks and planning w. the Eday organizers and Oryana of the after-parade gathering, at Hannah Park on 6th Street.  We envision it as more of a “Community Sing-along” involving everyone present, scheduling acoustic music, singer-song-writers, along w. organizing the space for the community picnic to take place (Giving some direction to folks as they arrive, setting up 8 ft. tables and helping organize the Oryana food donation, reminding/announcing our zero-waste practices etc.)  The Community Picnic happens directly after the parade, at approximately 3:15 until 4:30 or 5 pm—depending on final plans.  We are working to raise funds to pay artists and musicians who are helping lead and supervise various Eday parade workshops and those who may step forward to coordinate the Community Picnic.  For one person w. a collaborative working group of support, willing to meet and also work w. the parade organizing crew.

2. Cardboard Collector/Runner

This job is offered each day of our workshops: April 1, 2 and 3rd (Spring Break @ GT Circuit) and April 8, 15, & 22nd (at the GLCM) and involves tracking down, picking up and delivering single-thickness cardboard to our workshop location—-and at the end of the workshops picking up un-used scraps and delivering them to a local recycling site. For one (1) person per workshop

3. Set-up Crew

Each day, of our workshops, one hour BEFORE the workshop has begun, we set-up the workshop site with various puppet-mask-making stations that workshop participants will cycle around through as they create their mask/costume. For three (3) people each workshop

3. Tools and Materials Assistant

Each day we have a job for a person to oversee, keep track of, and make sure all of our special Earth Day Parade tools and materials are in tip-top shape and working order. A general rule is that children/youth are NOT to have use of box-cutters/staplers/and other potentially difficult and dangerous tools to operate. The Tool and Material assistant will help cut cardboard and make sure we are all carefully keeping track of tools.

For two (2) people per workshop

4. Parade Workshop Assistant

The Assistant Artist is a job offered throughout the month of workshops working alongside of the Parade artists’ on specific masks, puppets and costumes and helping to lead discussion/info-sharing/design brainstorming w. the workshop attendants. We are working to raise funds to pay a stipend to each workshop assistant.  For 3 folks per workshop, and committed to being present for parade day, April 26th

5. Puppet and Mask-Maker

This job is offered to folks each day of the workshops, and is for artists who have skills in cardboard building and papier-maiche puppet and mask-making or those who are quick learners. The Puppet and Mask-Maker’s will work one on one and in small groups w. children/youth/adults who are designing, constructing and creating their Earth Day Parade masks/costumes. We are working to raise funds to pay a stipend to each volunteer puppet/mask-maker.  For 3 folks per workshop, and committed to being present for parade day, April 26th

6. Clean-up Crew

Each workshop requires a well-organized clean-up crew..It involves one hour after the workshop has ended, we stay at the workshop site to clean-up, pack-up and prepare for the next day’s workshop. For three (3) people each workshop


HOW IS this Community Event funded?

The Earth Day Parade is funded entirely by donations and sponsorships. We do not charge a fee to folks attending workshops, asking only for a SUGGESTED DONATION of $20 per mask/costume/person. The Earth Day parade costs are minimal and include: materials and supplies we are unable to scavenge, for space rental, artists stipends for their design contributions, leadership and supervision of the workshops, and for permit fees and liability insurance that allows us to be in the streets on foot.

To become a Community Partner and give to the Earth Day Parade click here for info on Community Partner/Sponsor levels.  Or donate directly via Paypal above. You may also directly contact us. Little Artshram is a 501.c 3, tax deductible and non-profit organization.

We accept both cash donations and checks made out to:

Little Artshram, P.O. Box 844, Traverse City, MI 49865



P.S.  ALSO, we ask that our friends and neighbors share these email newsletters with your friends, neighbors and email lists.  We are hoping to have a very BIG turnout to our “Best of 25 Years” 2014 Earth Day parade workshops and the celebration itself.


and P.S.S. To view a wonderful short video w. footage from last year’s parade w. the theme: “SEEDS! Awesome Vessels of Power!” check out it out here: