MORE, more and more: APRIL Earth Day Parade building workshops!

Presented by Little Artshram  and The Great Lakes Children’s Museum:

LOTSA’ fun and amazing art-making happens each year in preparation of our beloved, annual Earth Day Parade. This year is our 25th Anniversary! Join Little Artshram and friends, at the Great Lakes Children’s Museum opportunity to build your own mask/costume and help in the building of a Magical, Music-Making, Eco-Trojan-like Horse for the parade!

AFTER-SCHOOL TUESDAY SCHEDULE at The Great Lakes Children’s Museum: Three (3) after-school workshops to join in on Tuesdays:  April 8th, 15th and 22nd, from 4-5:30 pm

SPACE IS LIMITED SO RESERVE YOUR PLACE in any of these special AFTER-SCHOOL TUESDAY WORKSHOPS, by calling 231-735-8370.

REMEMBER: It usually takes three (3) visits to the Earth Day Parade Workshops to complete your mask/costume.

HOW IS this Community Event funded?

The Earth Day Parade is funded entirely by donations and sponsorships. We do not charge a fee to folks attending workshops, asking only for a SUGGESTED DONATION of $20 per mask/costume/person. The Earth Day parade costs are minimal and include: materials and supplies we are unable to scavenge, for space rental, artists stipends for their design contributions, leadership and supervision of the workshops, and for permit fees and liability insurance that allows us to be in the streets on foot.

To become a Community Partner and give to the Earth Day Parade click here for info on Community Partner/Sponsor levels.  Or donate directly via Paypal above. You may also directly contact us. Little Artshram is a 501.c 3, tax deductible and non-profit organization.

We accept both cash donations and checks made out to:

Little Artshram, P.O. Box 844, Traverse City, MI 49865


MANY THANKS to these Community Partners:


The Grand Traverse Circuit

Great Lakes Children’s Museum

TC Sings

The Leelanau School

Deep Blue Water Samba

Dirt Fest

Grand Traverse Mycology Society


ALSO, join Marc Alderman and get into the groove with the SAMBA DRUMMING CLASSES at the Grand Traverse Circuit: April 7th and 21st, 7:30-9 pm with Deep Blue Water Samba School, held at the Grand Traverse Circuit.


Preview of “2014 SPRING BREAK WkshpEday Parade.1 poster copy”

MORE APRIL Parade building workshops for Earth Day at the Great Lakes Children’s Museum!


SPRING BREAK & April Earth Day Parade Workshops with Little Artshram and Friends:

At the Grand Traverse Circuit & Great Lakes Children’s Museum

LOTSA’ fun and amazing art-making happens each year in preparation of our beloved, annual Earth Day Parade. This year is our 25th Anniversary! Join Little Artshram and friends, at the Grand Traverse Circuit, April 1-3, for a three-day (2 workshop sessions each day) for a chance to build your own mask/costume and help in the building of a Magical, Music-Making Horse—inspired by Pegasus and the Trojan Horse!

SPRING BREAK SCHEDULE: April 1-3:  Choose from six (6) workshops:  Tuesday through Thursday, April 1-3; with two sessions offered each day:  10-12 Noon and 1 to 3 PM.

ALSO, you can join parade artists at The Great Lakes Children’s Museum who once again, will be hosting three (3) after-school workshops on Tuesday, April 8th, 15th and 22nd.

AFTER-SCHOOL TUESDAY SCHEDULE:  April 8, 15, and 22nd, from 4 until 5:30 PM


REMEMBER: It usually takes three (3) visits to the Earth Day Parade Workshops to complete your mask/costume.


The Grand Traverse Circuit “Creating Community Connections”

225 W. 14th St., Traverse City, Mi 49684


Great Lakes Children’s Museum, 13240 S. West Bay Shore Drive (M-22),

Traverse City, MI  49684

$20 suggested donation per mask/costume—no one turned away for lack of funds…AND, we are seeking community partners and sponsors to offset costs of putting on this community event.

ALSO:  Deep Blue Water Samba School w. Marc Alderman and others offers a special samba drumming class to prepare for the Earth Day Parade: MONDAY, April 7th, 7:30pm9:00pm This class will be specifically geared towards getting ready for the GT Earth Day Parade on April 26.

Become a parade sponsor!

Volunteer and assist artists at the workshops!

Join us on Parade Day, April 26th!

For General Earth Day Parade info:

Cardboard-base Mask-Making (Part 1)

Cardboard-base Mask-Making (Part 2)Cardboard-base Mask-Making (Part 3)Simple Tunic-Costumes & Corn-Starch Goop recipe

G.T. Earth Day Parade Workshops: SPRING BREAK & the Month of April!

Preview of “2014 Eday Parade.1 poster”

The 2014 Earth day Planning Group/Sponsorship, Little Artshram, Great Lakes Children’s Museum, TC Sings, The Leelanau School, Oryana, Deep Blue Water Samba, Dirt Fest @ NMC (April 12th) are pleased to announce that our plans for a stellar, Earth Day Parade 25th celebration are underway and we are seeking support via the City of TC and Parks/Rec for permits, making a final decision on the parade route being held downtown once again.

We invite folks from throughout the Grand Traverse Region, including individuals, families, schools, organizations and ALL of the downtown businesses to help us celebrate 25 years of holding an Earth Day Parade and celebration in the GT Region! Please help us spread the word and share the information we are providing here to invite more folks to join the many organizational tasks that need to be accomplished,and to join us on parade day.
Notes from March 12th meetup:
Line-up and parade time changed to accommodate Oryana’s involvement in the GT Conservation District clean-up which will be 10-12 Noon; Likewise, Tart Trail has a morning Earth Day clean-up scheduled….check back for more information on Earth Day Parade day activities throughout the GT region.

2014 THEME:  25th Year—“Best of

Featuring folks in their well-loved, and much used costumes and masks, as well as, a puppet from each year or every 5 years—with appropriate parade signage designating it as such….include Horses and White Pine Trees in the puppet-mask-making this year.

Line-up at 1:00 pm, parade @ 2 pm…..From Oryana….Lake St. across 8th continue on Lake St., right on Cass, right on State, left on Park, left Front, left on Union, right on 6th St. to Hannah Park.

Community picnic after parade @ Hannah Park.  With consideration of taking on other Eday activities, we welcome and would appreciate Oryana and other DDA/DTCA business to donate or participating as they are able to the Community Picnic…

NEXT Eday planning meeting: March 26—5:00 pm—@ Great Lakes Childrens’ Museum

TIME: 5:00 – 6:30 pm

Great Lakes Childrens’ Museum

1320 S. West Bay Shore Dr.

Traverse City, Michigan

Presently involved in 2014 Eday Planning Group/Sponsorship:  Oryana, Little Artshram, Great Lakes Children’s Museum, TC Sings, The Leelanau School, Deep Blue Water Samba, Dirt Fest @ NMC (April 12th)

stay informed,

get involved,

read updates,

help sponsor this community event!


25th Anniversary of the Grand Traverse Earth Day Parade: April 26th!

Preview of “March Perm Series- SOIL 2014”

March Permaculture Series:

 Holistic Approach to Soil

 ….and how soil impacts EVERYTHING!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7-8:30 pm

510 Second St.,

O’k Studio in the Alley (behind Salon Verve)

Traverse City, Michigan 49684

Join us at this monthly discussion series and forum on the third Tuesday of each month.  This is an invitation to further co-create a permaculture community in Traverse City and the NW Michigan region. This is an inspired endeavor growing locally and organically from the 2013 Michigan Permaculture Convergence, and catalyzed by Little Artshram and a very large web of Friends.

(FYI: We’ve changed up this month’s forum theme departing from chickens and keeping animals to taking a deeper look at soil.  For those wishing to learn more about chickens, two other offerings having been planned this spring of learning the ways of chicken keeping/raising via ISLAND and Kirk Waterstripe @ NMC.  See links in the comment area below.)

The March community forum and discussion will focus on the topic of how important soil is with Craig Schaaf, of Golden Rule Farm in Kaleva, sharing his understanding and also moderating the discussion.  Information will also be provided and shared about keeping red wigglers and how-to set up a simple worm farming operation.

“…a great shift in human consciousness has come about because many individuals have begun to realize that although they may not be able to fully change the world as a whole, they can change the way they do things in their own lives.  Raising food in a gentle and conscious manner is one of these changes which has made a difference.  Being disconnected from our food base has separated us from the soil and the life of the Earth.  Producing food from a small area is a strengthening, slowing-down process–a way of tuning in to the Earth’s needs as we meet our own.  We put life into the soil, and the soil enriches our lives.

We as humans are part of the Earth’s nutrient cycle, just as the plants and animals are.  The Earth welcomes us by creating what we need.  The trees are a wonderful example of this: they absorb our carbon dioxide and give us back oxygen to breathe.  As we become more aware of and attuned to our place n the circle of life, then it will seem natural to plant at least 70% (or more) of our growing area in carbon-producing crops, which also produce calories.  In this way our crops will give life back to the Earth which has fed us.  As we become more responsible for our place in this exciting nutrient flow,  we will want to grow all of our diet.”  From: How to Grow More Vegetables, by John Jeavons

Donations accepted for the 2014 Traverse City PDC and LLOOF (Learning Local on Organic Farms) scholarship fund.  So far we have raised $164.00 towards scholarships with this series! Great job from a caring community!

Fresh Food donations accepted for the Friends Meeting House Community Meal program.

Please bring info/announcements to share, and post your permaculture related events on a shared calendar at:

For further information on this series or to share ideas about presentations/themes contact:

`penny Krebiehl

March Community Forum and Permaculture Series: March 25th

954684_10152908600970503_1014372813_nWe hope you enjoy your family, friends and home-places and keep sharing your passionate, creative selves with others and join us doing the same in the New Year!

We are now DEEP into a wild and wonderful winter season and also our 20-something year of providing art and creative community wide-events—along with environmental education focusing on permaculture.  We are working toward one of our first of the year events: the 25th Annual Earth Day Parade that takes place in Grand Traverse County, Michigan.


Scooting Petal Faery & Lady Bug, 2010

We would LOVE to be in FRONT of the parade this year, organizationally and financially, and we need your help.

Please, take a moment to read this bit on our 2013 parade via Directress, Penny Krebiehl’s sharing during last year’s process here:

Help us celebrate both the 25th Anniversary of the Grand Traverse Earth Day Parade and Little Artshram’s 20th birthday year by considering a gift of money.  Of course your donation will be tax-deductable.


Thank you! Thank you! Here’s how you can reach us in a couple of ways:

1.  WRITE TO US!  We LOVE snail mail!

Our address is:  Little Artshram, P.O. Box 844, Traverse City, MI 49685

2.  You can also call us, even in these quieter winter months, we answer phones between 8 am- 12 noon each day.  Little Artshram’s telephone number is (231) 735-8370

3.  Or share your support electronically right here online, via Paypal.  It’s easy! Look for the crow  above, and then just click on the Donate/Paypal button on the top right hand corner of our home-page,.

Thank you for your support in 2013, AND, for your continued consideration,

The Little 2013/14 Artshram Board:Grand Traverse Earth Day Parade - In Song

John Schuerman

Petra Daher

Dwight Washington

Advisor, Rokko Jans

Directress/Founder, Penny Krebiehl


P.S. In addition to a good amount of program, project and information about our organization via the website, you can also follow us on Facebook:



Grand Traverse Earth Day ParadeGT Earth Day Parade



Support Little Artshram and our shared work in the TC Community in 2014!