Little Artshram celebrates Community Gardening at the Historic Barns Park!

Welcome to a new garden year at the “Barns Park Garden” a portion of the old State Hospital Farm!

Little Artshram is the Barns Park Community Garden manager and WELCOMES NEW, INTERESTED gardeners to rent a plot in our garden this year.  The theme of this year’s garden is “UNITY IN COMMUNITY”, and we are looking forward to a great growing year with children, youth and adult gardeners!

Plot sizes available:
FULL, approx. 30 x 24’, rental fee $100.00
1/2 size, approx 15 X 24’, rental fee $75.00
1/3 size, approx 10 x 24’, rental fee $50.00

EVERYONE in our garden community contributes at least 10 hours of volunteer hours, which is organized by the CG Coordinator at the monthly potluck meetings.

NO use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides allowed,
only organic fertilizer.

NO dumping or adding of compostable materials to our compost teaching site or on the property. Contact Little Artshram for donations of organic, toxin-free compost, material donation.

The well used to water the gardens is non-potable and should not be used as drinking water.

Little Artshram, is a non-profit organization and the care-taker and managers of the Barns Park Community Garden.  We serve children, youth and families through our art, environmental education and community gardening projects.  Do you know how much we value our community? Here’s one way: Little Artshram accepts 100% Bay Bucks for any of our programs and projects? In addition to organizing and managing the Barns Park Community Garden, we are offering Summer Camps for children and youth, AND, co-sponsoring an Urban Permaculture training this summer and the entire fee can be paid for, by our local currency: Bay Bucks.

Find out about The Barns Park garden, by contacting our 2012 Community Garden Coordinator: Flint Horton,  231-715-1305   tccommunitygardens@gmail.com

UNITY IN OUR COMMUNITY! Garden plots available @ Barns Park Community Garden in Traverse City!!LittleArtshram.org

What is an Urban Farm PERMA-BLITZ and why is there a cup of coffee laying on top of that garden?

A Perma-Blitz (often referred to as a ‘Blitz’) is an informal gathering (with coffee and tea served) involving a day on which a group of folks come together to help transform tired, worn out yards into productive and edible gardens. This Blitz is organized to benefit the Urban Farm Project in Traverse City, organized by O’k CSA, with support by Little Artshram, inviting the group to both learn new skills and carry out two, perhaps three, projects in one of the Urban Farm Projects’ back, front or side yard. This will help turn the urban farm sites from unused, neglected, or purely decorative, to productive, useful (and often attractive) annual and perennial food producing areas!

PERMA-BLITZ in Traverse City with the Urban Farm Project!

Sunday, May 6th, @ The Peace Patch Garden,
corner of 7th & Oak St.,

Drop by anytime between 1-6 pm. Blitzin’ with Soil: seed balls, soil sausages, sheet mulching a mini forest-garden, and building a backyard compost system.

Gardening IS the most sustainable form of agriculture and we ask you to join in on the permaculture fun of it!

Suggested donation to benefit the Urban Farm Project: $10 drop-by for a bit; $35 for the entire workshop.

Work-exchange hours available, Bay Bucks accepted!

NO one turned away for lack of funds!

We are simply trying to raise enough greenbacks to pay for start-up costs of the Urban Farm Project which amounts to about $1,000 and includes some fencing supplies, seeds, tubers, initial compost and soil amendments (that eventually each of these farm sites will produce).  MOST of the infrastructure for these farm-sites are found and re-used materials.

Want to become an urban farm site in this Traverse City project?  Show up this weekend and let’s talk!

More info: Penny@ 231-922-2014

Urban Farm PERMA-BLITZ in Traverse City, Sunday, May 6….LittleArtshram.org

FIRST: THANKS to our Earth Day Parade sponsors, so far: Oryana, The Great Lakes Children’s Museum, TCLP, O’k CSA, NMEAC, Little Artshram, Continual University, Old Town Coffee & Eatery…..and…….special thanks to our hosts: The Good Work Collective and Seed Studio/Gallery!  We couldn’t do this community event without our community supporting AND getting involved in this annual, spring parade and celebration!   THANK YOU!

Some of our BIG Earth Day Parade puppets were made by groups of children and folks of all ages 12 years ago…..like our Sun Puppet and the Otter puppet.

The Good Work Collective and Seed Studio/Gallery are hosting a two-day puppet repair and re-building workshop so that we can work together spiffing up these wonderful, old friends and make them parade-ready by Saturday!

Join us and get into the goop, bring your paint shirt OR mending and sewing supplies to help repair the masks, costumes and BIG puppets that are pulled out of storage each year.  Many hands make light work and we need “Peeper-People” (volunteers) to administer a little TLC.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY, April 25th & 26th, 3-6 PM
At The Good Work Collective & Seed Studio @
417 S. Union St., Traverse City

4/25 & 26 Earth Day & Parade Week event: BIG Puppet Repair & Parade Building Workshops…LittleArtshram.org