We are PLEASED to share details about our soon to be fantastic puppet and mask theater production and performance for this year’s Traverse City Film Festival KidsFest!

It’s our third year sharing a puppet performance and this year, we are featuring author Byrd Baylor’s wonderful stories.

Our performance is titled:  “Sun and Rock: Stories from Byrd Baylor”

This is a special (FREE! as in no tuition fee) and an invitation to children and youth of all ages (that mean’s BIG kids too!)–who have participated in our summer or puppet camps in the past and have the time and a hankering to join our Pretty Good Player troupe and take part in this year’s production.

Set design, puppet production and music rehearsals are: Monday, July 29th-through Thursday, August 1st, meeting each day from 1-4 pm

Monday: read through script/storyboard, begin set design/puppet production, practice lines/songs/music

Tuesday: tweak/finalize storyboard, continue set design/puppet production, practice lines/songs/music

Wednesday: continue set design/puppet production, practice lines/songs/music

Thursday: COMPLETE/Fine-tune and finish set design and puppets

Performance rehearsals for the entire crew are scheduled for Monday, July 29th through puppet dress-rehearsal on Thursday, August 1st, from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Monday; read through script, designate roles

Tuesday; read through w/ designated roles, meet puppets

Wednesday; read through w/ puppets

Thursday: puppet dress rehearsal

Our puppet performance is on Friday, August 2nd @ 11:00 am, at the Kids Fest site at Central Grade School, on 7th Street in Traverse City.

We are SUPER excited about this year’s puppet theater project! For further information, to receive a script, and to CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION in this year’s super, fantastic, puppet theater project, please reply right away!

CONTACT, `penny Krebiehl:





Be a part of the O’k Puppet Theater and the Pretty Good Players!LittleArtshram.org


WHERE did those BIG birds come from?

Glad you asked!

Find out with a special invitation to join in on the puppet-growing fun, ’cause it’s time for our 2013 PUPPET CAMP!

PUPPET CAMP is a two-week fantastic intensive, musical, theater and art experience which includes an opportunity for aspiring puppeteers and musicians to participate in a performance at the Traverse City Film Fest!

Learn the how-to’s of the ancient art of puppetry and mask making, be a part of creating an original, story-telling play and script, compose original music and songs guided by talented artists and musicians….Registration open! M-F, 9 am -3 pm, July 22nd through August 2nd!

O’k Puppet Theater and the Pretty Good Players, have been sharing puppet and mask performances since 2010, and will be holding a fantastic and special 2-weeks of PUPPET CAMP to prepare for a performance in Traverse City, including building puppets, set design, story-boarding, puppet and mask performance/acting lessons….This is amazing, local “organic” puppet theater, which includes a week of production and design, with our continued collaboration with professional artists and musicians.

The 2013 PUPPET CAMP is brought to you by Little Artshram and O’k Puppet Theater and the Pretty Good Players, with  composer and musician Rokko Jans, and Traverse City’s home-town puppeteer and mask-maker, Penny Krebiehl, and we are expecting a few very special guests artists and musicians!

Yippee! We can’t wait for the creative chaos and this 3rd Annual Puppet Camp to begin…Join us!

Register here:


Scholarship available and discount for siblings.

Please inquire!

Info: 231-735-8370




*photo from “A Special Day in Bumpkin Land” one of our visiting puppet artist, George Meyer‘s marionette show, performed at Heart of the Beast Theater in 2012

Summer Puppet Camp in Traverse City….for children, youth & adultsLittleArtshram.org

It’s Monday, July 8th, 2013

Greetings and please share this invitation to get outdoors and learn a little while having a whole lot of fun:

WOW, Cherry Fest really took us by storm—and now, and finally in our Northern Michigan neighborhood, we have a REAL rain and thunder storm happening which is causing a slight delay in the beginning of our present summer camp week.

We’ve decided to turn these little problems into a solution and offering a “special” last minute deal to anyone TODAY who decides to join us tomorrow through Friday, July 9-12th….reducing our weekly camp fee to $115.

If you choose to grab this last-minute rain-delayed deal, please make sure to call ahead and reserve a space for your child: 231-735-8370.

Our theme this week focuses on a learning through a continued permaculture process of a mini forest garden plan for Higher Grounds Trading Company, as we integrate young people’s voices into planning and design of this garden. We’ll also be immersing ourselves in herb and wild-crafting, with opportunities to learn about medicinal plants—both in the “wild” garden and in our home-gardens.

A sampling of topics, in this week’s day-camp, shared through cooperative games, storytelling, hiking and wandering, and visits to familiar and favorite “classrooms” in the Munson Woods: indigenous plants and edible forest gardens, ecological design process, medicinal native plants, harvesting and processing herbs, timing/plant life cycle (whole plant, leaves and blossoms), fruits, barks, roots and root barks, making herbal tinctures, oils and salves, and creating a “Pharmacy in a Pot”, a dozen medicinal herbs to pot!

Grace with medicine

Pictured above is our new friend, Grace, who is holding a bundle of medicinal flowers and herbs, including lavender (Calming; flowers and leaves used in tea); yarrow (anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing; leaves and blossoms used in tea.) We also had fun learning about plantain this past hot, Cherry Fest weekend–using it as a poultice or “green bandage” on a few aggravating insect bites!

For more information on Little Artshram’s summer camp-experiences for children and youth go to these links:

Summer Camp info and registration right here: http://www.littleartshram.org/?page_id=982

ALSO, coming up quick is a two-week comprehensive visual and performing art experience with our Puppet Camp registration: http://www.littleartshram.org/?page_id=2028

AND for a view of the camps we offer, check out our photos from our first wild and wonderful week of woods-wandering and forest garden designing….https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152991860720503.1073741826.122677780502&type=1&l=9bb0948ec9



Summer Camp THIS WEEK in Traverse City, with a special rainy-day offer…LittleArtshram.org
Little Artshram Summer Camp, join us for week #2…July 8th-12th…

This is our 9th year in the Grand Traverse area, presenting a Summer Camp program and the 20th year of programming for Little Artshram. The Summer Camps will again take place in our beloved Munson Woods, meeting at Higher Grounds Trading Co. who will be hosting us at the Village of Grand Traverse Commons, Traverse City, Michigan. Our “wild garden and outdoor classroom” is connected to over a hundred-acres hard-wood forest to explore, and this year we have plans of designing and building a micro-garden and Edible Food Forest for our hosts at Higher Grounds!

We are happy to share the curriculum and schedule outline with you. Each day we do our best to stick to the “plan”, but also allow for the “it depends” rule to apply to what emerges each day.

The basic intention of our summer camp is to be outdoors ALL day focusing on the following activities: To observe and mimic nature or learn nature’s language(s), including herbalism, and earth skills. Our camps are a creative, outdoor experience focused on discovering the intelligence of nature at work, care-taking the Earth and giving something back, with an emphasis on natural art, cooperative games and hands-on activities.

Registration for Summer Camp here: http://www.littleartshram.org/?page_id=982



Little Artshram Permaculture Summer Camp for Children and Youth, July 8-12thLittleArtshram.org


A Summer Adventure not to be missed in the beautiful Munson Woods, and along the shores of our BIG Lake Michigan—in Traverse City, Grand Traverse Bay……Join us for 2 Weeks of Permaculture Summer Camp and with O’k Puppet Theater and the Pretty Good Players, we are offering 2 weeks of Puppet Camp for Children and Youth with a final original story-telling performance at the Traverse City Film Festival, on August 2nd!

For more information on these two, longtime favorite camp-experiences for children and youth go to these links:

Summer Camp info and registration http://www.littleartshram.org/?page_id=982

Puppet Camp registration: http://www.littleartshram.org/?page_id=2028

AND for a view of the camps we offer, check out our photos from our first wild and wonderful week of woods-wandering and forest garden designing….https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152991860720503.1073741826.122677780502&type=1&l=9bb0948ec9


Summer Camp 2013-1


Join in on wild and wonderful week of woods-wandering, forest garden designing and puppet and mask storytelling……..LittleArtshram.org