Little Artshram (A sister organization of the non-profit 501c3 Greater Lansing ARTSPACE) is the original creator of a hands-on, place-based permaculture learning opportunities and programs for children, youth and their families. Since 1993 we have developed classes, projects and opportunities throughout Michigan in visual, musical and puppet artistry; service to the natural world; and inclusive social activism, serving and forming friendships with hundreds of children and their families.
For the past three years our small staff and board of directors have been creating a platform and development of a project called: Permaculture Education for Children, Youth and Families.
Permaculture Education for Children, Youth and Families (PECYF) is a project created and supported by Little Artshram creating a platform for global networking with permaculture educators and learners, offering community discussion, designing learning opportunities (curriculum) with collaborative partners specifically in Michigan and the Midwest United States. The objective of this project is to design and develop the container/framework, process and content of a series of workshops, programs and trainings using Sociocracy and Permaculture pedagogy as both a model for further K-12 education and development. We believe this project is developing the means to incubate nourishing, alternative learning opportunities for children, youth and their families at a critical time of need.With a long rich history of programming for children and youth in many Michigan communities for over 20 years, we are targeting the Summer of 2020 to bring permaculture design into a greater social-system and anti-oppression networking capacity, through facilitated workshops and introductions of mentor and leadership training. 

We hope you will consider contributing to our longtime and longer term efforts of whole system thinking through art and permaculture learning opportunities.

For further information or to talk with a human about the project, work or dreams made real please contact us!
Good Works: Permaculture Education for Children, Youth and


DSC08604December 2013

Seasons’ greetings and Happy Holidays!

As we enter into the wonderful winter season during our 20-something year of providing art and environmental education and community events in Michigan, we are beginning to look to one of our first of the year events of a community project that involves designing, building and organizing the annual Earth Day Parade for Grand Traverse County and NW Lower Michigan.

With much gratitude and respect to the many hardworking, longtime Little Artshram board, staff, community sponsors and  partners, AND many, many volunteers of efforts towards our Earth Day Parade workshops, we would LOVE to be in FRONT of the parade this year, organizationally and financially.

Please, take a moment to read this bit on our 2013 parade via Directress, Penny Krebiehl’s sharing during that process here:  <a></a>

Help us celebrate our birthday by considering a gift of money to our local, 20 + year Michigan non-profit.  We will also be announcing opportunities for 2014 parade partners and community sponsors directly after the holidays.

Thank you! Thank you!

Here’s how you can reach us in a couple of ways:

Little Artshram, P.O. Box 844, Traverse City, MI 49685

or online:

Thank you again for your consideration,

The Little 2013/14 Artshram Board:

John Schuerman

Petra Daher

Dwight Washington

Advisor, Rokko Jans

We have three vacant board positions to offer!

Please contact:


P.S. In addition to a good amount of program, project and information about our organization via the website, you can also follow us on Facebook:

Earth Day Parade, 2012

Happy Holidays to you, and Happy Birthday to us! Little Artshram is 20-Something!

Early registration is ending soon – join us at the First Annual Michigan Permaculture Convergence, Nov. 1-3, REGISTER today!

“And that is the secret of success: assembling sufficient commonsense people in one area. If we are one isolated biodynamic gardener in a district of contract vegetable growers or graziers trained in chemical agriculture, we find both the practice and infrastructure support of the isolated system difficult; there may be no one to talk to, let alone share resources with. On the other hand, as land titles in a region are brought out and occupied by any group who share ethical philosophy, so the shops, markets, processing centres, equipment, and support services for the new economy become worthwhile and available” – Bill Mollison, Permaculture; A designers manual p. 514


Preview of “MI PERM CONVERGE 2013.1 Flyer”

Early Registration NOW….for the Michigan Permaculture

September 17, 2013

Good Morning!

I write to you, as a permaculture enthusiast,“fellow permi” and Michigan resident, to let you know of an opportunity that may interest you personally or for that of your organization or company.  Little Artshram, the non-profit I still work alongside of, is contributing to the presentation and sponsorship of the First Annual Michigan Permaculture Convergence, November 1-3, 2013, at Camp Talahi in the South Eastern Michigan region.  I invite you to participate as a sponsor of this inaugural, statewide gathering, which is the dream seeding of the Great Lakes Bio-Region Permaculture Convergence.

Sponsorship of the convergence will create a stable platform for a sustainable, permaculturally designed yearly event bringing together folks who are interested in sharing knowledge and information about permaculture design, principles, and practice.

The goal of the Michigan permaculture convergence is to provide a forum accessible to all Permaculturalists and people interested in permaculture in Michigan, as well as the surrounding bio-region, to enhance community and share ideas on how to expand permaculture solutions across the region. By giving back to the host property the convergence will work to have a positive impact on the land.  Next year, the convergence will move to a new Michigan community and repeat the process.

Our focus in designing this year’s agenda, is to create a networking, educational and information sharing event with permaculturists from all over the Great Lake State who are sharing a diversity of skills and knowledge and on a pathway of practice.  We feel the opportunities for MORE permaculture education, experience and ecological-design practice are essential ingredients for strengthening community and increasing our resilience to a changing climate and economy.

Sponsorships will help offset the space rental, insurance needs and provide a living wage for a cook to organize and prepare meals for this 2+ day event.  We will work to barter other services, materials and expenses, and we’ve kept the registration fee low for participants, to make this as inclusive as possible for folks to travel to this year’s convergence location.  We’ve made the decision to invite—but not formally schedule any out-of-state permaculture mentors as the speakers at this event.  Rather, this year’s convergence will host permaculturists from across Michigan to share their particular niche within the permaculture community, showcasing work in Farm, Urban, Community, Education, Co-Housing, and Suburban settings.

I’ve included here just three examples of state-wide permaculture projects and developments, and there are plenty more.  In Kalamazoo the perennial revolution of tree crops is on-going….

In Ypsilanti—a permaculture group utilizing a time-banking system are encouraging and building urban food forests….

In Traverse City, A biodiverse 145-acre farm, DeYoung will be home to an eight-acre permaculture demonstration orchard and antique apple tree nursery. Each acre will support 25 apple trees surrounded by support guilds, or companion plantings, mimicking the ecology of a mature forest edge. In addition to apples and guild plantings, filberts hazelnuts and mulberries will be grown.

Thank you for your consideration and support of Little Artshram and our efforts to share and expand permaculture education and opportunities in our birth and home-place of North West and Central Michigan–and throughout the Great Lake State!

There are two categories of support you can  contribute, as a “Permi-Friend” or an “Inaugural Sponsor”.  A result of your support and an outcome of the convergence will be a planned for mapping and the creation of a network first based on seven regions that broadly make-up our home-place, and expand out to include the entire Great Lakes Bio-Region.

Here is the sponsorship form:  MI perm Converge Sponsor FORM, 2013 as well as, a flyer announcing the event, below.  Little Artshram is proud to be the fiduciary agent of this year’s convergence and is a registered non-profit 501.3c organization in Michigan.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have about sponsorship opportunities or information about the convergence.

We hope you will consider joining Little Artshram, as a “Permi-Friend” or “Inaugural Sponsor”!

`penny Krebiehl

Directress, Little Artshram


Preview of “MI PERM CONVERGE 2013.1 Flyer”

Become a “Permi-Friend” or “Inaugural Sponsor” of the Michigan Permaculture
“People and Permaculture” and identifying the connecting web that has been cast over Little Artshram’s home-place and our Great Lake State of Michigan is a fitting theme for us, as we celebrate our 20th birthday year.
We are pleased to begin a “forward-back-paddle” and spend a little time sharing tidbits about the connections that have created fertile ground for Little Artshram and ARTSPACE’s birth in Michigan and the people that inspire our projects and work which emerge along with our home-places.
Here’s a little back-paddling:  Little Artshram began in Lansing, Michigan, on Turner Street, as The Greater Lansing ARTSPACE, in 1993.  (We actually began a few years earlier than that and called ourselves North Town Art Center, before taking on our .org/501c3 status.) In this historic district of North Lansing, we had ten years of joyous, creative mayhem taking place in what would become known as Old Town. One of our dearest of dear friends, Robert Busby hosted us in a century old store-front across from his Creole Gallery always supporting and sometimes participating in our family friendly projects and events. This coming weekend, September 15th, sixteen years after this photo of Robert holding a Tree Spirit mask was taken, we’ll be planting trees in Burchard Park around a memorial sculpture an in his honor.
Robert and the Tree Spirit Mask, 1997
In 1998 ARTSPACE closed up shop in Old Town and moved to Northern Michigan, as far as the BIG Lake Michigan lake-shore, first settling in the Leelanau County area.  Shortly afterwards, in 2000 is when The Neahtawanta Center asked for support in building puppets and masks for the annual Earth Day and All-Species Parade, and when we met Bob Russell, Sally Van Vleck and a good crew of Northern Michigan environmentalists. 
Last weekend, our beloved Otter Water Goddess puppet, made by artists and students from the Leelanau School and Glen Lake High School attended the memorial service for Bob Russell honoring our gratefulness and our connections for his life and service.
Otter Water Goddess, 2000
Another remembering and grateful strand in the Little Artshram and ARTSPACE web is that of a fierce and loving mentor, Jayne Walker of The Eco-Learning Center
Our relationship with Jayne continues through the work of Little Artshram and O’k CSA and the LLOOF program with others. Jayne encouraged, approved and supported our growing and learning through a chosen path of permaculture—-although she mentioned a few times that she’d like us to study up in a more formal way on Biodynamics.  She supported and encouraged our endeavors through Little Artshram to expand our experience as cultural creatives and educators, and to work with children, teens and college aged youth learning alongside of them, where our food came from and how to grow food without pillaging the Earth.
Jayne Walker, on her land.

As this forward-back-paddling with Little Artshram and ARTSPACE continues, a little reflection now in this place for our “little” non-profit organization that is so abundantly connected, from Lansing to Traverse City and a few dozen other places we’ve parked our creative, art, community gardening and environmental education cart.

We now, honor this web and many folks with strong, shining spirits, through our support for the collaborative work of The Michigan Permaculture Convergence .

Beginning in December 2012, Little Artshram and an expansive group of permaculture-minded individuals and enthusiasts have been meeting and organizing a state-wide gathering.  The Michigan Permaculture Convergence  will be held at Camp Talahi, in Howell, Michigan, on November 1-3, 2013. This first annual Michigan permaculture event is also the dream seeding of the Great Lakes Bio-Region Permaculture Convergence.

We are remembering and grateful for the continued inspiration that Robert, Jayne and Bob provide and for their nourishment that supported and encouraged Little Artshram and ARTSPACE to keep on keeping on. 



Remembering, Grateful and A Great Fall Gathering…People and