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Crystalaire Adventures is an outdoor adventure program in Northern Michigan that strives to make the world better by helping people learn to live and work together. We run playful, inclusive trips in wild places that strive to give our participants a meaningful experience. Fun is at the core of the mission, and is central to the way we provide experiential learning opportunities with life-long impact.

Every year we run trips that meet the needs of the times and let our places be our teachers. In the 21st century, our trips provide a space for kids and adults to unplug, spend some quality face-to-face time with others, and practice crucial interpersonal and leadership skills. Our expeditions give people a chance to get to know the beauty  of the regions they live in, and learn from the lessons every socio-ecological context offers to those traveling through.


Hey Folks—We’ve only had one person show up today and the other two parade artist/builders are pooped! Who can help us finish up these cleaning tasks? Today until it’s done….Cleaning floors, hauling cardboard scraps and a few other tidying jobs? 

Give a call and drop by soon, please 231-922-2014


What an incredible parade was had! On State Street with snowflakes still falling, the sun brought itself out and shone down on all of our colorful creations!

Today we send out our gratitude and gather once more to pack the studio and our parade-building headquarters up.

Much appreciation to Blackbird Arts and Melissa Johnson and family for providing the BEST possible space/place for a good part of this parade to “hatch”.

In addition to Blackbird Arts, we have many, MANY more folks to thanks and will be doing that soon along with more photos and story-telling/sharing to come—But part of the parade process is also the clean-up.

So, first we spend this day after our community event gathering to tidy-up, pack-up and show our thanks and gratefulness by leaving Blackbird Arts sparkling clean!

Pitch in and show your appreciation, for the great efforts it took by a bunch of good folks to share this parade with our Traverse City Community!

Our parade-clean-up @ Blackbird Arts from 1-5 pm today.

A So-Long and Send-Off Supper for our 2013 Parade Crew and volunteers will happen afterwards.

Call `penny for q/a and details: 231-922-2014  


Roy the Robin, standing amongst the TC Sings Singing Bees

Roy the Robin, standing amongst the TC Sings! Singing Bees before the parade began.

We need more folks on this clean-up-crew—-Oh, what a Parade…and clean-it/pack-it up Day!

Healing Tree Farm at DeyoungHealing Tree Farm at DeYoung is a 12-acre

permaculture-based demonstration farm just outside of Traverse City, MI.

Following the guiding principles of Permaculture, Healing Tree is connecting people

with the concepts of growing sustainably within existing ecosystems. Our mission is

to demonstrate orcharding skills and techniques that may be integrated into existing

conventional farms, reducing the use of biocides and petrol-derived fertilizers. We

demonstrate holistic orchard care, connecting growers with new and revived methods

for healing the old orchards; creating an environment that is safe for farmers,

workers, and the neighboring community.

Healing Tree Farm at

Anyone Can Farm has “…sought to develop a farm where our children can run and play and grow without worrying about chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers on the grass they wrestle in or the tomatoes they eat fresh from the garden.  We welcome folks who value the best quality food and food that will build their bodies to partner with us in this venture.”

Learn more by visiting

Anyone Can Farm

Anyone Can